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3 Mar, 2014

Olsen, Sarkozy engaged


marykate-olsen-1-300Olsen and Sarkozy confirm that they are engaged, after Olsen is spotted wearing an engagement ring. The couple has been keeping their dating life private from the public for 2 years. In response to comments about the couple’s 16-year age gap, Olsen says:

Everyone has an opinion. I find it’s better to focus on what’s in front of you and to keep putting one foot in front of the other

1 Dec, 2013

Allure cover

Magazine Cover

dbv2kxk4i4d84i8xMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appear on the cover of the December 2013 issue of Allure magazine. They talk about designing and their worst hair mistakes. Mary-Kate says:

Extensions. I woke up one day and I said, ‘You know, I don’t want to wear a bikini top this summer, so I guess I’ll get hair that covers my breasts.’ And it did!

24 Feb, 2010

Olsen, Lowman split

Olsen and her boyfriend Lowman has split after two years together. Olsen didn’t seem to be upset about the break up because she was later seen out with her sister at a fashion show. Olsen was rumored kissing Hartnett at a party in London shortly after the split. Olsen’s rep denied they were kissing. Source:

They were making out in a dark corridor of the party.

14 Oct, 2005

Leaves NYU

Olsen decides to take a leave of absence from school to focus on her brand, Dualstar. She shares the responsibilities of the company with sister, Ashley. Olsen made her decision after a month into school, deciding that the schedule of travelling coast to coast was too demanding. NYU approves her for a leave of abscence.

28 Jun, 2004

Admitted to clinic

Olsen’s family sends her to a clinic to help her with her eating disorder. Olsen’s sister, Ashley, comments that she has been struggling for a while.

She’s hanging in there. She is taking the time she needs for herself. Right now is especially a good time right before school so she can get healthy.

3 May, 2004

People cover

Magazine Cover

olsenThe Olsen twins appears on the cover of People to discuss parties, boyfriends, and college.

Yeah, I do go to parties. That was our Winter Formal afterparty. We are almost 18 years old. We do hang around people who do drink. Listen, we’re not perfect. I’m not saying that we drink. I’m not saying that we don’t drink. All I’m saying is we’re making the right decisions for us.

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