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Mashable is one of the largest technology news websites in the world. It was founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005.

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10 Jun, 2014

Partners with 360i


Mashable announces the beginning of a long-term partnership with company, 360i. As part of the agreement, Mashable is sharing access to its marketing tool, Velocity, for the first time. Velocity can predict what content will be popular, which allows a company to create strategic marketing plans. Notable clients of 360i include Hanes, Toyota and HBO. They are also behind the popular “You can still dunk in the dark” Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet. Financial terms of the partnership are not available to the public.

May 2009

Mashable overtakes TechCrunch as leading Tech blog


According to Martin Bryant, Mashable has overtaken TechCrunch because Mashable is more about internet culture than pure tech news these days.

BRYANT: Sure – there’s lots of tech news (and some great analysis) in there as well but if there’s a hot celebrity story trending on Twitter they’ll find a way of covering it to reap the search engine traffic, if there’s a viral video doing well they’ll embed it to get the retweets.


First ad deal


Mashable sells its first ad:

CASHMORE: We did our first ad deal. It was only a few thousand per month, but it kind of legitimized blogging as a business. Selling a first ad legitimized that this may go somewhere — this may actually work.