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8 Apr, 2015

Will play in 2015 Masters

Woods will play in the 2015 Masters. After only playing 47 holes in competition this year, and withdrawing from the Farmers’ Insurance Open, Woods says steady progress on his home range in Jupiter along with two practice rounds at Augusta National last week convinced him he is ready:

It would come in flashes. I would get in these modes where it would come for ten minutes and I would just have it, just dialed in; and then I’d lose it for an hour; and then I’d get it back. And next thing you know, I’d flip to having it for an hour to ten minutes of losing it, and then it got to a point where it was just there.

On the pundits:

I’ve come to the understanding that I live it. I know exactly what I’m doing out here and I’ve hit the shots, and I don’t really need someone else’s secondhand opinion of what I was thinking of. I know exactly what I was doing out there.

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