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Matthew Burton Brown is an American mixed martial artist born in Jonestown, Ohio, in 1981. He is currently signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the welterweight division

3 May, 2016

Brown: McGregor can’t beat Diaz

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Brown says McGregor cannot beat Diaz.

I thought Conor showed a lot of chinks in his armor when he lost to Nate Diaz. Not only in terms of his submissions, but the way that he gassed and kept his hands down and got punched, his defense, those are fundamental problems that when you have those fundamental problems, you are never going to beat a Diaz…You’re not going to beat a Diaz with your hands down walking forward throwing one big shot. You’re not going to beat a Diaz with one round of good cardio. You’re not going to beat a Diaz without solid submission defense. You add all those up, you’re going to lose to a Diaz every f-ing time cause that’s what those guys do…When you look at skill versus skill, there’s no reason not to believe Nate Diaz that beat him on 11 days notice isn’t going to beat him with a full training camp…The real fear is he comes back, loses to Diaz, has to go back down to 145 and defend his title. Now it’s a must win. You can’t have your biggest star losing three in a row.

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