Matt Healy

Matt Healy1 post
20 Jan, 2015

Time Out Hong Kong interview


Healy gives an interview to Time Out Hong Kong. He discusses the 80s sound, why it took so long to release 1975’s LP, and reaching the top of the UK album chart.

The 80s is now perceived as a bygone era in music – but that’s not true. It was just a time when pop music had innocence. It wasn’t encumbered with cynicism and self-awareness, but everything changed with the Pixies and grunge. At the time, So by Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins’ Face Value were not lame records. They were forward-thinking pop records – you got Don’t Give Up and then the more leftfield Sledgehammer – and big-time composites of massive pop and experimental avant-garde music, which is exactly what we are.

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