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15 Jun, 2017

Kellerman: McGregor will not land a single punch against Mayweather

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ESPN’s Max Kellerman says McGregor as a “pure puncher” but doesn’t believe that he will connect on a single punch against Mayweather.

Conor McGregor is a pure puncher. The reason I know he’s a purch puncher is that I’ve seen him score knockouts going backwards. That is not easy to do…You need to be a price punching power. McGregor has natural punching ability…I’m a big McGregor fan, and if he had been boxing all this time maybe it’ll be a different story…But Conor McGregor will not land a single punch against Floyd. Not one punch.

29 Sep, 2016

Kellerman, Smith: Mayweather knows McGregor fight is easy money

Makes Statement

Smith and Kellerman discuss McGregor-Mayweather on ESPN First Take. Kellerman:

You gotta love Conor McGregor, he’s the best talker who can fight. Floyd is the best fighter who can talk. You put those two names together it’s going to be a big promotion…If you’re the same size as Floyd you’re not going to beat him in the ring…You’re also not going to beat him at the negotiating table…His team is the best at negotiating…so he gets the lion’s share against anyone…But here’s where McGregor has the leverage…In the ring, Floyd against McGregor…that’s easy money. So where else does Mayweather get the chance to make so much money, for so little risk?…I think at even some level even McGregor knows this. So the negotiation goes on…Conor has plenty of leverage here.


So I talked to Floyd on the phone and he said, ‘Yeah man, I called it off brother gotta know his place. I’m all about business. I’m in this for business’… He doesn’t need anything, but he has no problems in making more money.. But here’s the thing about Floyd; he has no problem with a fighter getting money…He respects Conor McGregor because he brings the dollars in, he’s not going to let McGregor get more than him, but he has no problem with Conor McGregor getting his share.

ESPN First Take - Conor McGregor Trolls Floyd Mayweather Again!

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