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2 Oct, 2012

CfA Summit 2012

Conway and Hammer talk at the event about Silicon Valley’s engagement in politics. Conway on the effort to keep Twitter in and improve the environment for startups. Conway:

The tech community in San Francisco…has had a hell of a civics lesson in the last year and a half…I think it can happen in every city in America


At the end of the day for all this creativity for these startups to happen, you need a base, you need engineers…by embracing technology, embracing these business positions it would help you, and at the end of the day out of these ecosystems would come more jobs, more spinoffs

CfA Summit 2012 | MC Hammer & Ron Conway |

May 2007

Dancejam investment

Arrington joins the angel round with Endeavour and Rustic Canyon on the institutional side and a group of angel investors. They supply Hammer’s dance-focused social network with a total of $1 million.

20 Feb, 1991

Wins Grammy


Hammer wins the Grammy for Best Rhythm & Blues Song and Best Rap Solo for U Can’t Touch This, and Best Music Video, Long Form for Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em – The Movie. 

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