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22 Aug, 2014

Launches boys clothing line

melissa-hart-768x1024Hart launches a clothing line catered to boys size 2-12. Her clothing line will be called King of Harts and is a mix between surfer and a cool kid. The collection will be a mixture of bright tops, chambray shirts, vintage-inspired jean jackets and mix-and-match bottoms. On finding time to create King of Harts:

Between full-time mom, M&J and directing a Christmas movie for Lifetime this summer, it’s taken a lot of extra focus to start King of Harts. But this has been a dream of mine since my first son was born nine years ago and I’m thrilled it has finally launched.

15 Jun, 2009

People cover

Magazine Cover

hartHart appears on the cover of People after losing 35 pounds. Hart explains how difficult it was for her to lose weight after her second pregnancy.

There are enormous pressures put on you in Hollywood. Everyone kept asking, ‘How does she look? Is she fat?’ Everyone wanted me to dance for them and show my behind-they literally wanted to see how big my behind was! It was horrifying.

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