Melissa McBride

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16 Nov, 2014

Melissa McBride interview

McBride sits down to an interview with Entertainment Weekly about her character Carol in the TV show The Walking Dead going back to Atlanta.

It was really nice getting into a new location. You know, some of the fans got some sneak peeks into what we were doing because it’s very difficult to keep that under wraps in the middle of a big city with skyscrapers and everybody looking down. But it was fun. Also, that whole territory is a threat because they had hoped they had moved away from a city being overrun by walkers, and here we are going on 85 north back into Atlanta, so that was an unfortunate new threat, following this car. And you see how poignant it is to look out the window and see all that decay. She [Carol] says, “How did we get here?” That’s the really big picture. This whole thriving city is just a wasteland with death all around.

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