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  • Graduates from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

    At the IU Business School I learned how to learn. When you know how to learn, then you’re a student for the rest of your life, and I think to enjoy the experience of being a student for the rest of your life is probably more valuable than anything.

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    ThumbnailCuban buys a pub in Bloomington, Ind., called Motley’s. It quickly becomes a popular hangout for both Indiana University students and professors.

    I would go there, underage. And then we threw a couple of parties […]

  • ThumbnailCuban’s first children’s book, Let’s Go, Mavs!, is published by Mascot Books.

    It’s all about good sportsmanship. It can be read by parents or by older kids. The message is simple but important.

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    I just gained the achievement 50 posts and got 500 points!

  • sharesleuth logoFinances, a website created by former St. Louis Post-Dispatch investigative reporter Christopher Carey to uncover fraud and misinformation in publicly traded companies. is what it is. It’s paid for by my trading based on the information we uncover.

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    ThumbnailHDNet is rebranded as AXS TV (pronounced “access”). Its schedule includes music, comedy, reporting and martial arts programming. The network is owned by a consortium comprising AXS TV LLC (founded by Cuban as […]

  • ThumbnailLaunches HDNet with Philip Garvin, owner of Colorado Studios and Mobile TV Group. It airs a variety of programs, all in high definition.

    You don’t have to be the biggest to beat the best, but you do have to […]

  • HDNet Fights, a mixed martial arts promotion which airs exclusively on HDNet, premiers with a card headlined by a fight between Erik Paulson and Jeff Ford, as well as fights featuring veterans Drew Fickett and Justin Eilers.

     Beyond live events, we have the only weekly news show dedicated to Mixed Martial Arts on television.

  • The Benefactor, a series involving contestants trying to win $1 million by participating in various contests – with their performances being judged by Cuban –  premiers on ABC.

     I want every U.S. resident 21 and older to apply. Everyone has dreamed of getting rich, and I want to help one lucky person get there. This isn’t traditional contest. You don’t need special talents. I’m not looking to find out who is the grossest, funniest, prettiest, smartest or able to go without food or water the longest. The right person is going to get on my good side at the right time, and whoever that is is going to walk away with a check from me for one million dollars.

  • ThumbnailCuban invests $1.3 million in Brondell Inc., a San Francisco startup making a high-tech toilet seat called a Swash that works like a bidet but mounts on a standard toilet. It cleanses with a spray of warm water, […]

  • The Benefactor is canceled due to poor ratings before the full season airs. It is reduced to six episodes from an intended eight. A letter from Donald Trump to Cuban following the announcement read:

    I am truly […]

  • Cuban is fined $25,000 by the NBA for yelling at Denver Nuggets’ J.R. Smith at the end of the first half of the Mavericks-at-Nuggets game played on January 13. Cuban was apparently incensed that Smith had thrown […]

  • Cuban files a federal lawsuit against the United Football League for their failure to repay a $5 million loan by the October 6, 2010 deadline. Cuban refuses to comment, but UFL spokesperson Michael Preston […]

  • ThumbnailLoans the newly formed United Football League (UFL) $5 million. He will not own a franchise or be involved in the day-to-day operations of the league or of any of its teams.

    I didn’t want to take on the […]

  • At least two people are killed and at least 15 people injured when an overpass collapses in the Brazilian World Cup host city of Belo Horizonte. A city bus and several vehicles were crushed after a part of a […]

  • Suarez offers a public apology for biting Giorgio Chiellini in Uruguay’s World Cup game against Italy on June 24. The apology comes after Suarez was banned for nine games and suspended from all soccer-related […]

  • Klaas-Jan Huntelaar scores an injury-time penalty to give the Netherlands a 2-1 win over Mexico and a spot in the World Cup quarterfinals. It is awarded after Rafael Marquez brings down Arjen Robben in the area. […]

  • Bailoutsleuth logoStarts Bailoutsleuth.coma grassroots online portal for overseeing the U.S. government’s $700 billion bailout of financial institutions.

    Transparency is key to the success of the Bailout and related loans and investments the government makes with our tax dollars. Without complete transparency, we will get from our government what we always get when it comes to finances – confusion.

  • Mark Cuban GulfstreamCuban is credited with the largest single e-commerce transaction by The Guinness Book of Records after he pays $40 million for his Gulfstream V jet.

    Since I’ve owned the GV there are too many examples to count of how the airplane has helped me. Flying out after a late-night game to be at a meeting the next morning. Leaving a meeting to get home in time for my daughter’s first daddy-daughter dance. It’s part of my life that I can’t be without.

  • Announces what he calls the Mark Cuban Stimulus Plan, which entails people posting ideas that fit certain criteria with the hope that he will either fund them, or other individuals will take up the ideas.

    The […]

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