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Have you ever wondered how much would it cost you to start a blog?


Well, that actually depends on how complex or simple your blog is. Although there are several free ways to start a blog site, it is still unavoidable to purchase plug-ins, add-ons, and themes that could help enhance your own blog.


Nonetheless, here is a list of expenses when starting a blog; first, it is important to understand that there are two categories of costs when starting a blog – the basic of blogging and the blogging bonus tools.


The Basics
Starting a blog is easy; however, if you have more information about the tricks to start a blog, it will be a piece of cake. Still, here are the basics of blogging that you need to know:


•    Creating Domain Name – The very first thing you need to do before having a blog site, you have to have a domain name. In the world of paid and reliable registry of a domain name, it would cost you at about $7 to $15 per year; this means it is an annual registration.


•    Web Hosts – To make your site accessible to everyone, you have to have a Web Host; it will be responsible for storing your content on the internet. Unlike domain name, the web host is paid monthly at about less than $10 per month.


•    WordPress – Another essential platform that can help enhance your blog site is installing WordPress, where this site here will help you more about WordPress installation; fortunately, WordPress is free.


The Bonus Tools
To keep your site lively and attractive, you need to invest some of the premium tools, as follows:


•    Creating content – Your content will be the blood of your blog; to keep it alive, you have to create contents. The cost of creating one, however, depends on what content and add-ins will you be using.


•    WordPress Themes – Premium themes usually will cost you $37 to $97 each; however, you may use the custom themes provided by WordPress for free.


•    WordPress Plug-ins – Premium plug-ins may cost $17 to $97 each; however, you may use the custom plug-ins provided by WordPress for free.


There are several other tools that you need to check; if you want to learn more try to visit the ‘How to Start a Blog’ website.

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