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We all know that wedding limousines deliver the bride to the wedding venue and whisk off the newlyweds after the ceremonies. You can check out http://www.emperorlimousine.com for more information on wedding limousines. However, few couples may be aware that a little wedding etiquette goes along with any limo hire in Chicago. Before the wedding, the bride is always expected to be prompt. She can bring someone else with her in the limousine on the way to the venue. This person will assist her in arranging her veil and train once they arrive and keep her bouquet of flowers from being ruined.

After the wedding, the role of assistant is passed on to the groom who must be conscientious when helping his wife with her gown, veil, and bouquet. It’s also the husband’s role to instruct the driver of the limousine on where to go next after the ceremonies. A Chicago wedding limousine can go anywhere the couple wants to go, even when it’s out of the way. For instance, if the wedding reception is somewhere downtown and the couple suddenly decides to stop at a 7-Eleven store, then the chauffeur will bring them to one nearby.


Each fleet of wedding limos has either a sedan with four to seven seats or a stretched limo with up to eleven seats inside. For the couple, the understated elegance of a white sedan is perfect. Inside this vehicle, an atmosphere of warmth and comfort is made more intimate by the soft leather upholstery and the surrounding tinted windows. Most limousines have driver windows to keep sounds and sights from the passenger area a private matter between husband and wife. Most chauffeurs can also be trusted to keep their clients’ privacy intact throughout the ride.


Many couples still follow the tradition of giving each other wedding gifts. The ride in a limo hire is the right time for the groom or bride to present their special gift to the one they will cherish forever. Before the wedding ceremony starts, the bride and the groom may individually instruct the chauffeur to keep their gifts secure inside the passenger compartment. They can rely on drivers of wedding limos to keep surprise gifts hidden and secure from would-be thieves, especially when they contain jewelry or expensive gadgets.


Usually, a limo hire provides a complementary bottle of champagne for the new husband and wife to make a private toast to their future happiness together. This makes the couple’s trip to Chicago for their wedding all the more memorable. The newlyweds can now relax to soothing music while traveling to their destination after being joined in matrimony.



Other benefits in hiring limousines include a red carpet for the bride and groom to walk on at the wedding venue and at the reception venue, a fresh bouquet of flowers on the parcel shelf, and some ribbon decorations on the hood and boot of the car. The limo company also allows special request from couples, such as placing a box of chocolates in the parcel shelf or bringing along luggage in the boot for a trip straight to the airport after the wedding reception. You may also ask the chauffeur to advise you of things to do in Chicago since he’s in the best position to share the information to you.

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