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Cannabis has been creating miracles in the medical field. Instead of seeing it as a psychoactive drug, it is one of the most effective medications towards various chronic diseases such as cancer, tumor, neurodegenerative disorders and much more. However, despite with the increasing recognition of this drug from several medical professionals, cannabis as a therapeutic drug is still a debatable subject for government authorities and some pharmacological specialist.


You might own a cannabis product right now or contemplate to buy one for your health after reading various reviews and articles about this herb. However, if you are using it, one thing you should know is the amount of cannabis product you have to take daily whether it is CBD oil or dietary supplements.


The effect of cannabis will depend on the amount you are going to take. A little of it will show no improvements to your health, but too much may risk yourself. Then, how can you know that what you use is enough for your condition?


Know Your Medical Situation

There are several types of CBD products available on the market which you can use. You can drink dietary supplements, use vaporizers or cbd oil for sale. Anything can work well with your condition, however, it is best to choose one which suits your preference. Now, if you have one kind of cbd product on your mind, the next step you need to know is the amount you have a use.
If you are using CBD oil, you have to be careful in measuring the dosages you have to take in daily. Each person has the unique medical condition as well as the severity of the diseases. The amount of dosage you will use will depend on your medical situation. Although there are ranges of dosage which you can drink at the back label of the CBD Oil product, you should still see a medical professional for a prescription.


The serving size of cbd oil ranges from 2mg to 200 mg depending on your medical condition. So, to give you a hint, here is a list of cbd oil serving size according to medical circumstances.


1.    For cancer patients – 1 mg to 2.5 mg of CBD within six weeks, orally taken.
2.    For chronic pains – oral use of 2.5 mg CBD within 25 days.
3.    For epilepsy – 4 to 5 months oral use of 200- 300 mg CBD.
4.    Huntington’s disease – mouth use of 10 mg per kg of CBD daily within 6 weeks.
5.    For Sleep disorders – 40 to 160 mg of CBD through mouth
6.    For Schizophrenia – mouth intake of 40-1, 280 mg CBD daily use within 4 weeks. The dosage will be based on the level of condition.
7.    For Glaucoma – 20-40 mg of CBD under the tongue.


This list includes only a few of the most common diseases that rely on cannabis treatment.


For more details on cbd oil use, you can consult the doctors on your location or contact Healthy Hemp At Healthy Hemp, you can read more about the various brands and types of cbd products.

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