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  • Natalie Frank wrote a new post, Funeral, on the site Newslines 5 years ago

    Bobbi Kristina Brown is remembered in a private service. Her body is brought to the church three hours before the service to avoid paparazzi and onlookers. Four unidentified men act as pallbearers carrying her […]

  • The Guardian reports that Kidd and Weibel, the officers who corroborated Tensing’s account of Dubose’s shooting, were implicated in prior death of another unarmed black man. Kelly Brinson, a 45 year old […]

  • Tensings body-camera records two unnamed Cincinnati police officers corroborate his account of the fatal shooting of Samuel Dubois, where they backed him up when he says he was dragged by the victim’s car. The […]

  • Jonathan Jay Pollard is born in Galvaston, Texas to Jewish parents. He has two older siblings. When he is seven years old, his family moved to South Bend, Indiana when his father, a renowned microbiologist […]

  • Marshall, a friend of Pollard’s and co-graduate from Stanford, says that Pollard bragged about working for Israeli Intelligence, although his claims seemed contradictory. Pollard claimed frequently to be a colonel […]

  • Natalie Frank wrote a new post, Parole date set, on the site Newslines 5 years ago

    Pollard is granted parole after serving 30 years of a life sentence for spying for Israel. He is due to be released Nov. 21. Lawyer:
    Mr. Pollard is looking forward to being reunited with his beloved wife […]

  • Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to verbally oppose the Iran Nuclear Agreement. He states that as the leader of the only Jewish state, he feels it is his duty to make sure that state remains protected and safe […]

  • A suicide bomber drives a vehicle filled with explosives into a unit of Libyan soldiers in central Benghazi. Three are killed and 11 are wounded, some critically. The bomber targeted a unit of soldiers engaged in […]

  • After a nationwide search for accomplices that participated in the terrorist attack that killed 38 tourists, investigators detail 38 people and discover that Rezgui trained with the shooters in a previous Tunisian […]

  • Members of India’s security forces are on high alert across the country after the fatal shootings at a police station in New Delhi in the western state of Punjab. In addition to the fatalities reported it is now […]

  • During testimony to the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, Kerry says that while he understands Israel’s fears about the Iran deal, putting the agreement in place will make Israel, and the entire area more […]

  • Israel admonishes Huckabee over his Holocaust remark. Representatives say that while Huckabee showed real concern about the safety and future of Israel and its people, he should not have referred to the gas […]

  • 11 people are reported dead after a terrorist attack on a New Delhi . Chief of Police:
    Six victims were killed — three civilians and three security forces. The raid was a terror attack but it is not immediately […]

  • Natalie Frank wrote a new post, No apology, on the site Newslines 5 years ago

    Huckabee refuses to apologize for his remark that Obama’s support of Iran deal is like the holocaust for Israel. He says the remark is appropriate since Iran has called for the destruction of Israel and would […]

  • While speaking at a press conference in Ethiopia, Obama speaks about comments on Huckabee’s comments, and others made by GOP leaders and 2016 Presidential candidates.
    It would be ridiculous it it weren’t so […]

  • Huckabee says the Iran Nuclear Agreement will result in similar outcomes to the Holocaust for Israel.
    It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the […]

  • At the Stop Iran Rally, Dershowitz makes an appeal to fellow liberals, calling on them to side with Republicans on the Iran Nuclear Agreement. He reiterates Pataki’s message stating that Obama should have given […]

  • Prior to the rally, Pataki accuses President Obama of violating his oath of office — under the law Obama should have taken the agreement to Congress to allow them to review it before taking it to the United […]

  • Natalie Frank wrote a new post, Cruz on Tisha b'Av, on the site Newslines 5 years ago

    Cruz sends a message to his Jewish supporters on the day of Tisha B’Av in which he compares the Iran nuclear deal to the same danger that led to the destruction of the two ancient Jewish temples:
    To all those […]

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    I just gained the achievement 300 posts and got 100 points!

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