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Choosing a suitable backpacking tent for your adventure may prove to be a difficult thing. You might be caught up in situations where you do not know which backpacking tent is spacious enough to accommodate you, its strength, its weight, its cost and durability among others. It is a good you should read the review first before settling and deciding which best backpacking tent that suits your income and all your needs. Here are some ideas to have to have in mind.


Number of people


The most important thing to consider when buying a backpacking tent is to know how many people will be sheltered. Many and best backpacking tents can accommodate one to three people. Sometimes tent location can be small enough to shelter many people hence you will choose a one or two person tent. When you are one person, and you may invite the second person, you will need to carry a bit more weight to have an increased space to shelter both of you.


Cost of the tent


Best backpacking tents range in price. There are tents that go for less than $100 and others, which go for over $1000.  Going for good hiking, you will require much more expensive cost for not than just an adventure. Some tents worth $100 are as well good for some events but cannot last long and satisfy your better stay out there. Therefore spending for over $1000 is the best choice. You will have security, wide space, and much more fun with your partner on that long duration on your adventure.


Season rating


Many best backpacking tents are differentiated into season rating to determine the features they will come with. Some tents will have more poles and thicker fabric to be stable and stand different weather changes. This will make them heavy and more bulky to carry. When choosing the best backpacking tent for your hiking, it is very important to consider one, which will suit the weather and climate change of the place you are planning to use it.


Size of the tent


The size of your tent is another vital thing to put into consideration. Many of the best backing tents are for one to three people. When you have already known what number you would like to fit in your tent, then you will know how much space you will need to shelter all of you. When looking for the size of the tent, here are some factors to consider:


Your tent-sleeping mat will affect what space you need.
If you are tall and bodied, you will need larger backpacking tents.
Living with curiosity, having more gear or thinking of being stuck inside the tent on bad weather is also a good idea for good sizable tent.


Weather resistance


Weather resistance is another idea to consider and keep in mind when choosing your backpacking tent. In locations with bad weather, some tents will not be reliable as others. Best backpacking tents are suited with waterproof floors, which will keep the water out of the bottom floor even if you have situated the tent in a flood area. They also have rainfly to keep the rain out when it is going sideways.

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