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One way to boost a modern woman’s confidence is styling her hair. It is one of the reasons why many ladies spend their time in salons. However, do you know that these hairdressing habits can lead to hair loss? Hence, follow this healthy hair care tips and avoid these bad hair styling habits to prevent you from experiencing this hair horror.


Using Hair Dryer and Flat Iron


Frequent use of hair dryer and flat iron can make your hair dry, tangled and frizzy. In addition, it weakens your hair follicles and hair strands making it prone to breakage. Thus, using a hair dryer and flat iron increases your chance of having hair loss. If you could not avoid using a hair dryer, see to it that this device is in low settings and not too hot. Likewise, lessen your habit of hair ironing, instead, brush your hair and use natural hair care products like Nisim, a hair growth shampoo, to keep it straight, bouncy and beautiful.

Hair Dyeing


In these days, some people treat their hair as a canvas. Hair dyeing is dangerous for your hair’s health. Hair dyes contain chemicals that are hazardous to your hair. These harsh chemicals get rid of your hair’s moisture and make it breakable. Therefore, if you do not want to suffer from hair loss, avoid hair dyeing, instead, embrace your own hair color and be proud of it.


Applying Hair Gel


Hairdressing involves the use of hair gel or hairspray to keep the hair in place. But, never brush your hair while it is hard after applying a hair gel or using a hairspray. If you want to comb your hair, do it before applying any hair styling products. Doing so will help to avoid your hair from breaking.


Brushing Wet Hair


Combing the hair after taking a bath helps to untangle strands of hair and prevent it from bunching up. However, this habit of yours can also lead to hair fall if you are using the wrong tool. When you comb your hair while wet, use a wide-toothed comb. Using a narrow-toothed comb or a hairbrush will increase the tugging and pulling of your hair causing it to beak. You can use a hair dryer to make it easier for you to brush your hair, but remember the rule number one- keep your hair dryer cool and in low settings.


Excessive Hair Styling


Hairstyles can transform you into a stunning lady. But as you feel happy with your hairstyle, your hair on the other hand suffers. You have to pull, tug and apply chemicals to style your hair professionally. These actions can stress your hair follicles and lead to hair fall. Therefore, be mindful of caring for your hair, lessen your excessive hairstyles habits and apply Nisim hair care product that halts hair loss naturally. The is the official website of quality herbal shampoo that enhances hair health and supports ingrown hair removal. View their website to learn more how to keep your hair healthy and stunning.

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