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31 Jul, 2014

Hollywood Reporter interview


Vieira talks about the fallout between her former co-stars Lauer and Curry.

That was such a bad time. I really felt for Matt a lot. And I felt for Ann, too. It turned so nasty, really nasty. Every day you’re reading this stuff that is just beyond cruel from angry, angry people who felt that Ann had been slighted and embarrassed and humiliated.

25 Jun, 2014

Meredith Vieira interview


Vieira sits down with O’Brien and talks about her upcoming daytime talk show and a unique segment idea that she has for it. They also discuss her affectionate nature and her dog’s propensity to attack people who go near her.

I like to kiss people, hug people, I like to touch. It’s very interesting because at the Today Show, they had Purell stations everywhere. So, you’d hug and kiss, and then you’d Purell.

Meredith Vieira's Dog Will Eat Conan's Testicles

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