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17 Oct, 2014

Sentenced to life in prison

j dunn sentenceDunn is sentenced to life in prison without parole for the fatal shooting of 17-year old Davis. Dunn is sentenced to an additional 90 years in prison for three attempted murder convictions and another 15 years for firing into an occupied vehicle. Judge Russell Healey:

Our justice system works. This case demonstrates that our justice system does work.

1 Oct, 2014

Guilty of first degree murder

Jurors find Dunn guilty of first degree murder in the shooting death of Jordan Davis. Dunn faces a life sentence along with a minimum of 25 years to life for using a firearm. Davis’ mother expressed her gratitude toward the verdict:

It represented justice not only for my son but for Trayvon and for all the nameless faces and children and people who will never have a voice. Words cannot express our joy but also our great sorrow because … we know that Jordan has received his justice. We know that Jordan’s life and legacy will live on for others, but at the same time, we’re very saddened by the life that Michael Dunn will continue to live. We are saddened for his family, for his friends and the community that will continue to suffer by his actions.

18 Feb, 2014

Compares self to rape victim

In recordings of nine calls made from jail, Dunn compares himself to a rape victim. He tells fiancée Rhonda Rouer:

I was the one that was being preyed upon and I fought back. It’s not quite the same but it made me think of like the old TV shows and movies where like how the police used to think when a chick got raped going, “Oh, it’s her fault because of the way she dressed.” I’m like, “So it’s my fault (laughing) because I asked them to turn their music down. I got attacked and I fought back because I didn’t want to be a victim and now I’m in trouble. I refused to be a victim and now I’m incarcerated.

“I’m the f*** victim here. I was the one who was victimized … I’m the victor, but I was the victim too.

Dunn also complained about being in a jroom by himslef:

But I guess it would be better than being in a room with them animals. I was in a room with three black guys. 

15 Feb, 2014

Guilty on three of four counts


Michael Dunn_1392510341877_2905525_ver1.0_640_480Michael Dunn is found guilty on three counts of attempted 2nd degree murder. A mistrial is declared on 1st degree murder charge. The jury is sure Dunn sprayed the SUV with four teenagers inside with nine bullets before driving away, but are not able to agree whether to convict in the death of Jordan Davis. Dunn claims the teen’s loud music made him feel threatened and he had “no choice’ but to kill the teen.

11 Feb, 2014

Dunn takes the stand

The defendant takes the stand and describes his demeanor in the moments after he shot Jordan Davis:

I’m shaking, I mean I’m quivering like a leaf.

He says the teens began shouting racial epithets when he asked them to turn the music down and that he was flabbergasted when the verbal exchange escalated to death threats. He reports seeing the barrel of a shotgun above the windowsill and Davis exit the SUV the teens were in. He says fear for his life drove him to retrieve his gun from the glove compartment and fire nine shots into the teens’ vehicle. He admits he then drove to his hotel and ordered pizza.

7 Feb, 2014

Trial starts

The fourth floor courtroom is mostly full as Chief Assistant State Attorney John Guy makes opening statements. He begins with a dramatic account of the night 17-year-old Jordan Davis was killed. He stand close to the jury and quietly tells them that Dunn callously killed Davis, went home, ordered pizza and poured a drink. Defense attorney Cory Strolla counters in his opening; he tells jurors:

No matter how softly Mr. Guy wants to talk or how slowly he wants to tell you, it’s not evidence.

He emphasizes his client’s fear and suggests the teens hid a weapon, which the police could not find.

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