Michael Healy-Rae

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19 Dec, 2016

Healy-Rae: McGregor deserves SOTY award

Makes Statement

Healy-Rae, the Independent TD (MP) for Kerry South, says McGregor “truly deserves” the award of Sportsperson of the Year.

Looking at Conor’s background, a young man who was on the dole that worked every day and night putting in endless hours to reach where he is today. He is one of the best athletes that we have in Ireland and he should be acknowledged by us here in Ireland for that. He has overcome all the doubters that said he couldn’t do it, some people in Ireland thought he was a flash in the pan but again proved everyone wrong. He truly does deserve Sportsperson of the year. I have seen over the weekend a lot of negative comments on Social Media about Conor winning this award but instead of people trying to put down Conor McGregor we should be extremely proud of what he has achieved on the world stage, he has done more than any other Irish fighter ever has on the world stage and I am glad to see that acknowledge by RTÉ. I have no doubt that Conor McGregor will go on to break further records in 2017 and I hope that we get to see him fight in Croke Park in the coming year.

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