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27 Oct, 2014

FBI identifies ‘second leaker’

Sources tell Yahoo News’s Isikoff that the FBI has identified an employee at a government contractor of being the suspected second leaker. The person is believed to have turned over documents about the government’s terrorist watchlist to Greenwald, who published an Aug. 5 story based on them on The Intercept, co-written with Deveraux and Scahill. One source says the Justice Department is now less eager to bring criminal charges against people who make unauthorized disclosures to news media:

There is no longer an appetite at Justice for these cases.

A Justice Department spokesman doesn’t comment on the investigation into the leak but says where such cases are concerned:

We’re certainly going to follow the evidence wherever it leads us and take appropriate action.

Another source:

Investigators are continuing to pursue it, but are not ready to charge yet

Scahill declines to comment on his source for the leak, and says neither he nor The Intercept have been notified by federal officials about the investigation, but says they are not surprised:

The Obama administration in my view is conducting a war against whistleblowers and ultimately against independent journalism.

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