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25 May, 2010

Most Weight Loss in a Season (male)


aVentrella is the contestant who has lost the most weight in a season on the Biggest Loser. He lost 264 lbs and 50.2% of body fat on Season 9.

My motivation is to get healthy and live a long life; live a life that my grandfather didn’t get to live to his fullest, and my grandmother didn’t get to live to her fullest

Wins The Biggest Loser


Ventrella wins the grand prize of $250,000 on The Biggest Loser Season Nine. Over the course of the season he loses 264 lbs and 50.2 percent of body fat.

The good part is I’m living, not only with my body but with my life.

19 May, 2010

Most Weight Lost on Campus (Male)


Ventrella is the contestant to lose the most weight on campus. He lost 204lbs in 18 weeks.

I realized, You know what? I’m going to give it everything I got to battle this and tackle this because I’m done with being like this.

2 Mar, 2010

Fastest Person to Lose 100lbs (male)


Ventrella is the fastest male contestant to lose 100lbs. He lost 109lbs within 7 weeks on Season 9.

As far as how I’m going to keep it off, I’m not that Michael at 526 anymore. I’m a new person that’s been reborn. The workout regimen, the eating regimen, is all second nature to me now.