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Mike Pence is an American politician born in Columbus, Indiana in 1959. He is the Vice-President elect of the United States. He is the 50th Governor of Indiana. He was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2000. He has three children.

1 Dec, 2016

Trump, Pence speak at Carrier plant

Gives Talk

Trump gives a speech at the Carrier plant. He is introduced by Pence:

He said that if he was elected, America would start winning again, and today America won, and we have Donald Trump to thank. And I have a feeling, working beside this extraordinary man, this is the beginning of a lot more good news all across America.


Mike has been such a good decision for me… NAFTA is a total and complete disaster…it’s a one-lane highway into Mexico. Nothing coming our way, everything going their way…I just want to let all of the other companies know that we’re going to be great for business. There’s no reason for them to leave any more. Your taxes are going to be at the low end, and your unnecessary regulations will be gone…They’re not going to be announcing that they’re closing up and moving to Mexico.

Full Event: Donald Trump, Mike Pence Carrier Plant Announcement 12/1/16

30 Nov, 2016

Carrier: Trump saves 1000 jobs

Makes Statement

Carrier announces that the company has reached a deal with Trump and Pence and that 1000 jobs out of 2000 will be kept in Indiana. Trump and Pence will visit the plant on Dec 1 to make an announcement.

19 Nov, 2016

Trump, Romney meet


Trump and Romney meet at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ. Romney shakes hands with the president-elect as he greets him at the door of the clubhouse:

Mr. president-elect how are you sir?

Trump gave the same response as both grip each other’s arms. Romney then shakes hands with Vice President-elect Pence and pats him on the back as the threesome walk into the clubhouse together. said that he and Trump exchanged views and that he looks forward to the new administration:

[We had a] very thorough and in-depth discussion [regarding] the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the United States of real significance.


It went great.

Raw: Romney Arrives to Meet With Trump, Pence

Defends Pence after Hamilton call-out

Makes Statement

After Pence is called out from the stage by the cast of Hamilton, Trump tweets his support and asks for an apology;

The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!

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