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28 Jul, 2015

Defund Planned Parenthood bill

Introduces Bill0 Comments

As a result of the disclosures in videos about the donation fo fetal tissue from abortions, Senator Paul introduces legislation that Majority Leader McConnell aims to vote on that halts federal funding to Planned Parenthood. The organizations receives about $500 million annually in federal funding, although that money cannot be used for abortions. Spokesperson for McConnell:

The leader is working with his members to address this horrific issue and intends to have a vote before we leave for a five-week summer recess

24 Jul, 2015

Accuses McConnell of lying

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Cruz accuses McConnell of lying to him, after McConnell says there will be a vote on whether to renew the federal Export-Import Bank, after telling Cruz there will be no such vote.

Not only what he told every Republican senator, but what he told the press over and over and over again, was a simple lie. It saddens me to say this. I sat in my office, I told my staff the majority leader looked me in the eye and looked 54 Republicans in the eye. I cannot believe he would tell a flat-out lie. We now know that when the majority leader looks us in the eyes and makes an explicit commitment that he is willing to say things that he knows are false.