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16 Oct, 2011

DUI arrest


Musso is arrested and is being charged with two counts of drunken driving after failing to slow down for police directing traffic. Musso’s blood-alcohol level was higher than .08. He is released on $5,000 bail after his arrest. The police will not be releasing his mug shot.

3 Jun, 2009

People interview


Musso discusses his curfew, his first tattoo, and his brother’s band Metro Station with People.

I’m the mastermind behind Metro Station,” he declares of the pop/rock band containing his older brother Mason and Miley Cyrus’s older brother Trace. The two bros initially hung out when Musso and Cyrus had them on the Hannah set. “They ended up playing guitar for a couple of hours in my dressing room. A month and a half later Metro Station was created. Six months after that they were touring and now they’re opening for Fall Out Boy and Katy Perry.

12 Jun, 2008

BuddyTV interview


Musso discusses meeting his fans, his singing, and his movie, Hatching Pete in an interview with BuddyTV.

It’s been something that I’ve been doing all my life, doing like musical theater and stuff like that, but I never really wanted to go into singing. My family is so amazing, my mom and my dad are absolutely amazing, they’ve been in musical theater for 25 years. And of course my brother, who is in Metro Station, their song “Shake It” just went gold the other day. I think I never really wanted to consider myself with them. Now that he’s on the road and stuff, it’s just kind of me at home, I’m like, you know, I kind of wanted to try it. That’s pretty much what this past year and a half or so has really been devoted to.

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