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22 Jun, 2015

Accuses Rose of gambling while playing


Dowd releases documents that prove Rose bet on baseball while an active player, including copies of pages from a notebook from the home of Bertolini during a raid by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service in 1989. The notebook is currently in the National Archives’ New York office, where officials decline requests to release it. Dowd:

This does it. This closes the door…We knew that [Bertolini] recorded the bets, and that he bet himself, but we never had his records. We tried to get them. He refused to give them to us. This is the final piece of the puzzle on a New York betting operation with organized crime. And, of course, [Rose] betting while he was a player. Bertolini nails down the connection to organized crime on Long Island and New York. And that is a very powerful problem…The implications for baseball are terrible. [The mob] had a mortgage on Pete while he was a player and manager.


Since we submitted the application earlier this year, we committed to MLB that we would not comment on specific matters relating to reinstatement. I need to maintain that. To be sure, I’m eager to sit down with [MLB commissioner Rob] Manfred to address my entire history — the good and the bad — and my long personal journey since baseball. That meeting likely will come sometime after the All-Star break. Therefore at this point, it’s not appropriate to comment on any specifics. Bertolini’s lawyer, Nicholas De Feis, said his client is not interested in speaking to anyone about these issues.

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16 Apr, 2015

Twins 8 – 5 Royals

Match Report

The Twins defeat the Royals 8-5. Mauer has three RBI’s and Vargas and Suzuki each add two-run home runs. Milone:

The guys had my back, especially scoring right after they scored in the first inning. You get that breath of fresh air, and go back out there and try to battle and keep your team in the game.

Hunter on Vargas’ home run

That was a bullet. I was in awe. I didn’t see David Ortiz hit nothing like that. That was impressive. I’m glad to see him start to come around and swing the bat well and be that threat we know he can be.

23 Mar, 2015


The Rangers outfielder returns to the field as a designated hitter in a Triple-A game against the Mariners and goes 3 for 5 with two doubles, playing for the first time since an intrasquad game on Friday. Choo is shut down from throwing. He is expected to start a light throwing program on Thursday and says he will be ready to play right field on Opening Day.

The first at-bat was a swing and miss three times. But I kept seeing the ball. I hadn’t played in a game in a few days, so the first at-bat felt weird. After that I felt better.

17 Mar, 2015

MLB TV Interview


Zobrist talks about his role on the team and what he expects for the 2015 season.

It was a little bit of a shock at first, being traded after being there for so long, it felt like a family and stuff. That was hard for the first few days.  It was really touching, some of the things they wrote in the paper. And we’ve heard from a lot of people, a lot of fans that appreciated the way I played the game there. Frankly, the area was just really good to us, the people there and the team and everything. I’ll always look back on that as a special time. But this is a new chapter in our baseball life, and we’re enjoying that now.

16 Mar, 2015

Opening night starter

Press Conference

Gray will be the opening night starter against the Texas Rangers for second consecutive year. Coach Melvin:

I do have a big announcement today. You guys may want to sit down…It was a matter of letting [Gray] know for sure. But I mean, he’s made for this. It’s who he is. He’s extremely competitive. He’s talented. He loves the spotlight games. If anyone was made for it, it was him.

Out for season


Wheeler is having Tommy John surgery after being diagnosed with a fully torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in his pitching elbow. He will miss the entire season.

We had been forewarned by the doctor that his elbow was a concern and it was going to have to be managed over the course of this season. It wasn’t clear that the ligament was involved at that time, but we understood we were going to have to manage his elbow condition over the course of the season. So when he complained of the elbow pain, it wasn’t a surprise to us…We’re still digesting the injury to Zack and really have not started to address that issue.

Petitions commissioner


Manfred says he has received a formal request from Rose that asks for Rose’s lifetime ban to be lifted. Manfred says he will consider the request ‘on its merits.’

I want to make sure I understand all of the details of the Dowd Report and Commissioner [Bart] Giamatti’s decision and the agreement that was ultimately reached. I want to hear what Pete has to say, and I’ll make a decision once I’ve done that.

15 Mar, 2015

Dominates Brewers

Wins Sport Event

Zito helps the A’s beat the Brewers 5-2. The pitcher allows one hit, throws four scoreless innings for the team.

I felt great, just throwing strikes, attacking the zone.

On his chances of entering the team based on other players’ injuries:

I know people have said things like that, but I don’t know. I’ve got an A’s uni on right now, I’ve just got to stay in the present moment, give it my all to the team every time.

3 Nov, 2014

Press conference

Press Conference

The team announces Maddon as their manager.

At the end of the day, unless we are aligned perfectly it’s not going to work. It just can’t work. That’s the way the game has evolved to this point. The autocratic manager of yesteryear has gone. It’s not just about one guy any more…to be philosophically aligned with these guys is important to me.

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