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19 Feb, 2015



Mo’Nique claims she has not gotten roles since winning an Oscar because she is being ‘blackballed’ for not playing ‘the game’.

What I understood was that when I won that Oscar, things would change in all the ways you’re saying: It should come with more respect, more choices and more money. It should, and it normally does. I thought, once you won the award, that’s the top prize — and so you’re supposed to be treated as if you got the top prize. I got a phone call from Lee Daniels maybe six or seven months ago. And he said to me, “Mo’Nique, you’ve been blackballed.” And I said, “I’ve been blackballed? Why have I been blackballed?” And he said, “Because you didn’t play the game.” And I said, “Well, what game is that?” And he gave me no response.

2 Feb, 2010

Oscar nomination

Mo’Nique is nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 82nd Academy Awards for portraying Mary Lee Johnston in Precious.

I’m very honored and grateful that they recognized the performance. We didn’t do the project in the feeling of ”This is going to get us an award.’ We did the project with the feeling of, ‘Oh my god, this will change lives.’ So for this to be happening, it is just — it’s beautiful.

2010 Oscar Nominees Are...

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