Moore’s Law

Moore's Law1 post
11 May, 2015



Friedman interviews Moore at a gala event to mark the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law in San Francisco. Moore:

I was beginning to see in our laboratory that we would get more electronics on a chip, and this was an opportunity to get that message across. I had no idea it would be so precise as a prediction.The fact that it has gone on for 50 years was astounding. I can’t see anything else that has gone on for such a long time with exponential growth

What he wished he had predicted:

I wish I had seen the applications earlier. To me the development of the Internet was a surprise. I didn’t realize it would open up a new world of opportunities. We have just seen the beginning of what computers will do for us. The evolution of machine intelligence. It is happening in incremental steps. I never thought I would see an autonomous vehicle driving on our highways.

What was his the biggest lesson:

Once I made a successful prediction, I avoided making another.

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