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24 May, 2014

Scientists to set off explosions


A seismicity expert at the Cascades Volcano Observatory says that this summer a Rice University research team will set off 24 explosive charges that have been buried in 80-foot-deep wells drilled around the volcano.   The seismic energy from the explosions will be measured on thousands of portable seismometers brought into the field by volunteers traveling on foot, by horseback or via car.  The scientists will then be able to use the data to get a better idea of what is happening about 60 miles underground where two tectonic plates are colliding and magma is forming.  Seth Moran, a seismicity expert at the Observatory says:

We’ve been looking at what’s beneath the volcano through very fuzzy glasses. This still won’t give us anything like 20/20 vision, but it should make things quite a bit clearer.

10 May, 2014

Johnston Ridge Observatory opens

Johnston Ridge Observatory at the end of state route 504 in Washington State opens.  It is the closest visitor center to the crater left by the 1980 eruption.Visitors to the observatory can take in the stunning views of the volcano, view interpretive displays, watch multiple films, listen to a ranger program take a hike and purchase souvenirs. The center is typically open until early October.

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30 Apr, 2014

Magma chamber recharging

At a scientific conference in Anchorage, Alaska, Seth Moran, a United States Geological Survey volcanologist reports that uplift at the mountain means the magma chamber about five miles below the volcano is recharging slowly:

What we think has been going on is that it has been slowly recharging, but it has taken us until the last couple of months to really feel confident that we’ve been seeing that

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