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11 Mar, 2015

Announces Drones and tour

Album ReleaseAnnouncement

Muse announces an upcoming tour as well as the release of thier seventh studio album, Drones. A new track, Psycho, will be released on YouTube on Thursday, followed by the release of the album’s first single Dead Inside on March 23. The tour consists of a series of live shows across Britain, Europe, and Russia. Bellamy:

To me, ‘Drones’ are metaphorical psychopaths which enable psychopathic behaviour with no recourse. The world is run by Drones utilising Drones to turn us all into Drones. This album explores the journey of a human, from their abandonment and loss of hope, to their indoctrination by the system to be a human drone, to their eventual defection from their oppressors.

13 Feb, 2011

Wins Grammy


Muse wins Grammy for Best Rock Album for The Resistance.

This is a great genuine surprise…It is an honor to receive this.

Muse accepting the GRAMMY for Best Rock Album at the 53rd GRAMMY Awards

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