Neal Falls

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27 Jul, 2015

Serial killer investigation

Falls is being investigated for links to the disappearance of sex workers in several states, including Nevada and Ohio. Investigators are reviewing cases in which prostitutes or escorts were found dismembered in the same time frame where Falls was living in the vicinity. Source:

We’re finding that the more information that goes out, the more law enforcement agencies see similarities in possible cases or see similarities in cases where Mr. Falls has actually been,

18 Jul, 2015

Killed in struggle


Falls is shot in a Charleston, West Virginia home. Falls allegedly was answering an escort ad online and showed up to the house armed with a gun. The victim only identified as Heather:

When he strangled me, I grabbed my rake, and when he laid the gun down to get the rake out of my hands, I shot him. I grabbed the gun and shot behind me.

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