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11 Mar, 2013


Single Release

The group releases their single, DONE., from their album, Pioneer. Perry:

DONE. is a song that Reid and I wrote about a relationship where one person is giving all they have into it, and the other person is just taking it all in. I know the three of us have definitely had those kinds of relationships, where the person who keeps giving is just done with it. They’re not getting anything out of it, so they just cut it loose.

The Band Perry - DONE.

29 Oct, 2012

Better Dig Two

Single Release

The group releasesBetter Dig Two, from their album, Pioneer. Perry:

Every time we hear a song and it sounds like we would have written it, we always are willing to cut it. That song has all the elements that we love in a great song … it’s got that Southern Gothic kind of feel to it, and it’s a love song. But it’s written in kind of a dark way and that’s what we really like about it.

The Band Perry - Better Dig Two

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