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28 Jan, 2000

Plays for NY Mets

indexBrooks signs a contract with the NY Mets, and in return, they donate to his Touch ‘Em All Foundation for kids. Mets general manager Steve Phillips:

We are part of the entertainment industry, and I think this will add some excitement to our spring. I don’t know what sort of impact it will have on crowds, but it will add excitement. The most obvious question is what sort of distraction does it cause. I talked to quite a few of our players and our view is the positives outweighs the negatives. If there is a distraction, it might be a positive distraction. The press attention that usually falls on the players may fall of Garth a bit.

16 Mar, 2015

Out for season


Wheeler is having Tommy John surgery after being diagnosed with a fully torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in his pitching elbow. He will miss the entire season.

We had been forewarned by the doctor that his elbow was a concern and it was going to have to be managed over the course of this season. It wasn’t clear that the ligament was involved at that time, but we understood we were going to have to manage his elbow condition over the course of the season. So when he complained of the elbow pain, it wasn’t a surprise to us…We’re still digesting the injury to Zack and really have not started to address that issue.

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