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2016 Presidential Candidates contest

19 May, 2015

Following on from the great success of the last contest, we are starting more regular contests. This weeks challenge: Add as many posts as you can about the 2016 Presidential candidates

  • The person who adds the most approved posts wins $50
  • Posts must be about current Presidential candidates (list here)
  • Any kind of post is acceptable (Births, marriages, interviews, speeches, TV appearances etc)
  • You do not have to add posts on a single candidate. For example, you can add 10 on Hillary Clinton, and 5 on Rand Paul.
  • Second place gets $20
  • Third place gets $10
  • Anyone who adds more that five posts enters a drawing to win $20 (the drawing excludes those who have already won).

The competition runs from 12:00 am Wednesday 20 May, through 11:59 pm Tuesday 26 May. Prizes will be paid in PayPal. I will be keeping tabs on this spreadsheet, just like last time. It’s manual process so please alert me if the count is incorrect.

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