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Occasional updates about Newslines, including latest technical and behind-the-scenes information and contest announcements and results. For deep thoughts about Newslines and its place in the world, please check our blog.

15 Jan, 2015

$1-per-post program finishes at 26,000 posts


The $1-per-post program finishes. Since May, 2014, Newslines writers added over 26,000 posts and received over $26,000 in rewards. The first part of Newslines’ revenue-share system — a system that allows qualified writers to become editors and to be paid for their edits — has been completed. The second stage of the system — which calculates the revenue share amounts for each post – is currently being programmed and is due for official release by the end of January.

21 Apr, 2015

Newslines Post Contest – $100 in prizes


We are happy to announce the first Newslines posting competition! All you have to do is to add as many posts as you can in a one-week period to win $100 in prizes.

  • Starting this Wednesday…
  • For one week…
  • The person who adds the most approved posts wins $50
  • Second place gets $20
  • Third place gets $10
  • Anyone who adds more that five posts enters a drawing to win $20

The competition runs from 12:00 am Wednesday 22 April, through to 11:59 pm Tuesday 28 April. Prizes will be paid in PayPal.

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