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The Circle of Life contest

8 Jun, 2015

circle_of_life_simbaThis week’s challenge…add as many Birth and Death posts as you can!

Starting this Wednesday, for one week…The person who adds the most approved posts wins $50, second place $20, third place $10

There will be TWO drawings for anyone who adds more that five posts to win $20 each (the drawing excludes those who have won the main prizes).

  • You must add an even number of Births and Death post each day. If the number at the end of each day is uneven you will be credited with the lower post count of the two types. For example, If you add 15 Births and 15 Deaths you will be credited for 15 posts. If you add 15 Deaths and 10 Births you will only be credited for 10 posts.
  • Births must include: Date and place of birth, parents names and occupations, sibling info, their first school, a quote, and a picture of the person as a child.
  • Quotes must always be included, either by the subject about their childhood or family, or by a family member about them.
  • Deaths should include the date and place of death, and the cause and or circumstances if available. If they have last words feel free to add those. Do not add images to death posts unless they are of the dead body!
  • You can add births and deaths from any time period

The competition runs from 12:00 am Wednesday 10 June, through 11:59 pm Tuesday 16 June. Prizes will be paid in PayPal.

I will be keeping tabs on this spreadsheet, just like last time. I will be tracking birth and death posts manually so please alert me if I get the count wrong!

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