Newslines vs. Wikipedia

How is Newslines different from Wikipedia?

Newslines is the “Wikipedia for news”. You can add text, images and videos to create news timelines that show how people, event and products develop over time.

Newslines is not an encyclopedia — it’s a news archive which can cover any topic that is newsworthy.

  1. Newslines is more current
    Wikipedia does not handle current news well. Newslines are arranged by date so the latest news is at the top of the page.
  2. More news topics possible
    As an encyclopedia, Wikipedia has a high bar for “notability”. Newslines bar for entry is lower and is based on newsworthiness.
  3. Multimedia content
    Wikipedia’s 13-year-old text-based software is not suitable for the modern web. Newslines allows writers to add videos, images and other documents to each timeline, giving you direct access to information
  4. Newslines can be sorted and filtered
    Use the buttons at the top of each page to view a topic by “biography view” (oldest to newest news), or latest news view (latest news first).
  5. Newslines is more reliable
    Wikipedia’s anyone-can-edit policy means that you cannot trust any information on the page. All newsline posts are approved before publication, and cannot be vandalized
  6. Newslines is not censored
    In Wikipedia any editor can censor another editor by deleting content another writer has added. This is a recipe for unnecessary conflict and censorship.
  7. Simplified rules
    Wikipedia is a minefield of rules. It is estimated there are 1500 pages of rules, none of which apply if you are powerful on the system. Newslines rules are far simpler.

Adding content to Newslines is a great way to learn more about a topic. Feel free to apply to join.