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Revenue-share system launches

12 Feb, 2015

Newslines launches its revenue-share system. The system splits 50% of ad revenues on user-generated pages with the writers, editors who contributed to the site, and to those who invite other users to patrticipate. Writers receive 50-70% of revenues, editors receive 25-30% and networkers receive around 5%. It is the world’s first system to allow for payments for editing other contributors’ posts. Mark:

We hate that the people behind many large sites, and their investors, get rich off of the free work of their contributors. It’s not just that we think people should be paid for their work, we feel strongly that contributors who help build a business should get a share in the growth of the business too. We see our contributors as investors in growth. Just like an investor who has the potential to have a high return as a company grows, if you put an equivalent amount of work into building your portfolio of content, you can share in the rewards.

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