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16 Oct, 2014

Nicholas Hoult interview


Hoult returns as a guest on Conan to promote his latest movie, Young Ones. He also talks about the extremely dangerous stunts he had to do on the film, exchanging pranks with X-Men co-star James McAvoy, and engaging in a full-on BB gun war with him.

Yeah, that came to an end because people got shot in the face and welts would pop up and bleed and it was a 3-D movie and you could see them clearly even with makeup so we had to stop.

Nicholas Hoult: James McAvoy Punched Me In The Junk - CONAN on TBS

1 Aug, 2014

Lawrence, Hoult break up

Lawrence and Hoult split up for the second time due to their difficult schedules.

They just weren’t together a lot, her life is a whirlwind. They have gotten back together before, it just got to be too hard for now.

19 Feb, 2013

Nicholas Hoult interview

Elle Magazine interviews Hoult about working with Hugh Grant.

Just watching him was quite remarkable. He’s one of the most charming people in the world. Women do just melt around him. There was a kind of, Oh, okay. He seems to have something.

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