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4 Aug, 2017

Nick Diaz: If McGregor can hit Nate, he can hit Mayweather

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Nick Diaz says McGregor has an understanding of boxing that could work against Mayweather.

As far as MMA, I want to say there’s maybe five guys that do jiu-jitsu that have an actual level of understanding when it comes to boxing. He obviously does. I feel like, if he can hit my brother he can definitely can put up somewhat of a fight with Floyd, if not actually bring him an actual challenge…I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I could say one thing, I could be wrong. Also, the ups and downs of life, you never know what’s going on. Either one of these guys could have a bad – like the last time my brother fought he had broken ribs, torn rib tissue. Neither one of those fights worked out for him. He had 13 days the first time and the next time he was injured. I was there for it.

Nick Diaz talks USADA suspensions, Mayweather vs. McGregor

15 May, 2017

Nick Diaz: McGregor win over Mayweather ‘can’t be ruled out’

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Diaz says it would be foolish to completely rule out McGregor’s chances of turning the combat sports world upside down with a Mayweather win.

I wouldn’t count anybody out. You’ve got a lot of stipulations to look at. You can’t just go jump on a hype train either one, you know?


4 Feb, 2017

White: Nate Diaz has fight offer, Nick Diaz turned down a pair

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White says a fight offer has been extended to Nate Diaz, but does not say who the opponent is. White also says he’s turned down multiple fight offers. He says the Diaz brothers currently are at the top of the list in terms of struggling to put fights together, so he can’t predict when either will next be seen inside the octagon.

We just offered Nate Diaz a fight, and we’re waiting to hear back from him, so we’ll see. These guys say they want a fight – I offered Nick Diaz two fights. He turned down two fights. I offered him Robbie Lawler. Robbie Lawler accepted the fight. Then I offered him Demian Maia. Nick Diaz turned down two fights. And then we just offered Nate a fight…The most difficult to get into the octagon? Right now, it’s the Diaz brothers – right here, right now. But throughout history? I don’t know.

24 Jan, 2017

Diaz: UFC has ‘put him on the shelf’

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Diaz says the UFC is sidelining him.

I know what this is: I’m being put on the shelf. That’s why I’m trying to get a boxing license…No one says they want a big-deal fight against me. If someone wants to fight, then let’s make a big deal.

5 Jan, 2017

Rogan: McGregor, UFC missed out on a huge payday

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Rogan says both McGregor and the UFC have missed out on a huge payday by not selecting Nate Diaz’s brother Nick as McGregor’s next opponent.

I think they missed the boat if they want to make the f-cking biiiiig money. I think it’s Nick Diaz versus Conor McGregor. They fight at 170 [pounds]. It’s a great story. I love a great story. Big brother steps in. Come on, son.
29 Dec, 2016

White: Nick Diaz turned down every fight offered by UFC

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During the UFC 207 Media Scrum, White says Nick Diaz has turned down every welterweight fight offered by UFC, including a fight against McGregor. Diaz reportedly turned down the McGregor fight to keep it for his brother, Nate.

17 Nov, 2016

‘I was already two-weight champion, bitch’

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Nick Diaz is inside 1 Oak nightclub when McGregor ranted about wanting $100 million to fight Floyd Mayweather.

I Was Already Two-Weight Champion, Bitch. F-ck you!

The veracity of Diaz’s two-weight claim is questionable, While he has previously held the welterweight title in both the IFC and StrikeForce promotions, it is unclear whether he was champion at another weight.

Nick Diaz Reacts To Conor McGregor's After Party Speech

12 Oct, 2016

McGregor ‘ain’t never gonna be the best’

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Diaz lays into McGregor.

He’s not [great], though. On paper, he’s not. Who are the 145-pound fighters who he beat up? Nobody good, in my opinion. Just a lot of commercials and advertising. How many black belts has he tapped out? When he was talking shit back-and-forth about fighting Floyd Mayweather…like, you have already lost to two guys who are not on a legitimate level. That just tells me, look, you ain’t ever going to be the best. You already lost to two f-cking guineas. I ain’t ever losing to somebody who lost to some f-cking little Irish land guineas. That’s fact, that’s on paper. And in gym, you can see what kind of work he has put in. He ain’t working with nobody — he ain’t working with no black belts. Has no legitimate trainer.

Nick Diaz talks SHIT about Conor McGregor!

30 Aug, 2016

Rogan: McGregor should fight Nick Diaz

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Rogan says McGregor should fight Nick Diaz next

[Welterweight’s] where the money is. It would be amazing. Nick’s on a totally different level [of smack talking]. Nate’s a great fighter and a really tough guy, but even he said after the fight: ‘Shoutout to my brother – the best fighter in the world’. It would be a different experience in there. I want to see that more than anything in life. More than the Aurora Borealis, more than I want to go to Keck Observatory in Hawaii and see the Milky Way.

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