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15 Sep, 2014

Noomi Rapace interview

Esquire interviews Repace about her role in the film The Drop. 

More fragile [ my character] maybe, and protecting of herself. Someone who is balancing. She lost herself into destruction before, and she doesn’t want to do it again. She wants to live. It’s almost like you know when you break a pattern, like when you become sober, or if you move to another country, or if you come as a refugee from, like, Afghanistan.

12 Sep, 2014

The Drop

In this drama, directed by Michael R. Roskam, Rapace plays Nadia, a woman with a difficult past. She meets Bob when he rescues an injured puppy that’s been put in her garbage. Afterwards, they begin dating. Meanwhile, the bar where Bob works is robbed. Co-starring Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini.

I remember Michael said to me, once, that Nadia — she is like a broken angel. And in a way, I think that describes her. She’s a young woman with a troubled past. She had a relationship with Eric Deeds, Matthias’ character, and he’s quite a complicated and disturbed man. And I think that she’s strong. She has a strength. She was living something bad, really destructive, but she managed to break it and move on.

The Drop Official Trailer (2014) Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace HD

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