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31 Aug, 2015

Bemoans isolation of wealth

Makes Statement

Persson writes a series of tweets about the disconnect he feels as a new billionaire.

The problem with getting everything is that you run out of reasons to keep trying, and human interaction becomes impossible due to imbalance…Hanging out in Ibiza with famous friends and partying with famous people, able to do whatever I want, and I’ve never felt more isolated…In sweden, I will sit around and wait for my friends with jobs and families to have time to do shit, watching my reflection in the monitor…When we sold the company, the biggest effort went into making sure the employees got taken care of, and they all hate me now…Found a great girl, but she’s afraid of me and my lifestyle and went with a normal person instead…I would Musk and try to save the world, but that just exposes me to the same type of assholes that made me sell minecraft again…People who made sudden success are telling me this is normal and will pass. That’s good to know! I guess I’ll take a shower then!

10 Jun, 2014

Minecraft for PS4


A trailer for the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft is shown at the 2014 E3 conference. Old saves from the PlayStation 3 version will be compatible with this update, but people who bought the PS3 version of Minecraft will have to pay a small fee to get the PS4 version. New features in the PS4 version include 36 times larger worlds, new controls, and a four panel split screen for multiplayer.

Minecraft Announcement Trailer | E3 2014 | PS4

7 Jun, 2014


Notch creates a parody game called Cliffhorse in two hours using Unity game development software. The game is free, but he jokingly accepts Dogecoin donations and raises 280,000 Doge (about 100 USD) in the first day of its release.

Server monetization guidelines

Mojang sets guidelines for how servers can raise money in order to pay for their operating costs. They say server administrators are allowed to charge for access to servers, accept donations, and have advertisements on their servers, but are not allowed to give users who donate unfair advantages:

These rules are making attempts to prevent Minecraft servers becoming “pay-to-win.” We hate the idea of server hosts restricting Minecraft’s features to players who have already bought our game! It seems really mean.

Notch clarifies that this includes servers with custom gameplay modes that are not present in vanilla Minecraft:

Buys Sweden’s most expensive flat

Notch buys the most expensive flat in Swedish history, located in the Östermalm district of Stockholm. It costs about 200,000 SEK ($30,000) per square meter, or about 28 million SEK ($4,190,519) total.

19 May, 2014

Realms available worldwide

Minecraft Realms, a server hosting service by Mojang, is released worldwide for the Mac and PC versions of the game. The service costs $13 per month and does not require setting up a LAN network or configuring IP addresses to start a server:

We’re proud to announce that Minecraft Realms for PC and Mac is now available worldwide! Realms is the easiest way for you to host a Minecraft world online. You and your friends can work on an awesome creation, adventure into the depths, or play one of our featured mini-games with just a few clicks.

25 Mar, 2014

Notch against Facebook


Notch posts on his blog that he will not develop for the virtual-reality device Oculus Rift because Facebook acquired the company behind it. Before this, he considers creating a version of Minecraft or another game for the platform:

I definitely want to be a part of VR, but I will not work with Facebook. Their motives are too unclear and shifting, and they haven’t historically been a stable platform. There’s nothing about their history that makes me trust them, and that makes them seem creepy to me.

27 Sep, 2012

Notch against Windows 8

Notch criticizes Microsoft for its regulations regarding which games can appear on the Windows 8 app store. Microsoft must approve all games to ensure that they are coded properly and do not contain adult content.

15 Aug, 2012

Notch, Ez divorce


Notch announces on Twitter that he is separating from his wife Ez:

I’m a little confused by love. I am a romantic person, and maybe have this Hollywood perception of love… but then, it’s never really like the movies.

3 May, 2012

EA: ‘Cynical bastards’


Notch criticizes game publisher Electronic Arts for calling a collection of its games on Steam an indie bundle, because they are not an “indie” studio:

He also clarifies that he does not consider Mojang to be indie either:

10 Mar, 2012

Scrolls trademark settled

Mojang announces that the lawsuit with Bethesda over the “Scrolls” trademark is settled. They say that they are allowed to keep the name of the game as Scrolls, but will not keep the trademark. Bethesda says:

ZeniMax has licensed the ‘Scrolls’ mark to Mojang to be used solely in conjunction with its existing Scrolls digital card game and any add-on material it makes to that game. The terms of the settlement bar Mojang from using the Scrolls mark for any sequel to the current card game, or any other video game.

18 Jan, 2012

SOPA protest

The official websites of Mojang and Minecraft are shut down to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Users are unable to purchase Minecraft or play the browser-based version, but they can play the game if they have the client downloaded. Notch tells PC Gamer:

No sane person can be for SOPA, I don’t know if we’re sane, but we are strongly, uncompromisingly against SOPA, and any similar laws. Sacrificing freedom of speech for the benefit of corporate profit is abominable and disgusting.

2 Dec, 2011

Jeb becomes lead developer

Notch announces that he is stepping down as lead developer of Minecraft and giving Jeb the job. Notch’s position as the head of Mojang remains unchanged and he says he will start working on a new project soon:

We’ve been working together on Minecraft for a year now, and I’m amazed at how much in synch we two are when it comes to how to design the game…Personally, I will now rest for a while, then get back to work refreshed and eager. I’ll be helping out with Minecraft, of course, but also starting work on some new project.

23 Nov, 2011

Yogscast, Notch settle differences

The Yogscast responds to allegations by Notch that they behave inappropriately at Minecon 2011:

We are very disappointed by these tweets from someone we admire and respect. We can understand that it was the morning after the deadmau5 party and Notch was very tired, but we are still fairly upset. The quotes and actions that Notch attributed to us were not said by us or published anywhere by us.

Notch apologizes:

The Yogscast releases a video saying that “he was very tired . . . so we can let him off for that.”

Yogscast response to Notch's Twitterings

21 Nov, 2011

Notch: Yogscast ‘total dicks’


Notch accuses the Yogscast YouTube duo of being rude to kids at Minecon 2011 and acting like they are better than the other speakers at the event:

The Yogscast does not have time to respond immediately:

18 Nov, 2011

Minecon 2011

Minecon 2011 is held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and almost 5,000 people are in attendance:

On Friday, the exhibit hall and game room will open at 10am and the first keynote address will begin at 1pm. Both days will be jammed packed with exciting events such as contest, exhibits, classes covering all different Minecraft topics (with special quests speaking on panels), the Indie Developer theatre, special announcements and much more.

Official Minecon trailer

Official release

Minecraft 1.0 is officially released during Minecon 2011. Though the game sells millions of copies before this point, technically it is considered a beta game until 1.0. The 1.0 update also includes several new features including a dimension where players fight the Ender Dragon, the final boss of the game.

Notch Launches Minecraft 1.0

5 Aug, 2011

Bethesda threatens Scrolls

Game publisher Bethesda sends Notch a 15-page letter threatening to sue Mojang if the name of Scrolls is not changed because it conflicts with their trademark, “The Elder Scrolls”. Notch says that he does not believe they have a strong case because scrolls, though the word is in the name, are not a focal point of the marketing or theme of the game:

Today, I got a 15 page letter from some Swedish lawyer firm, saying they demand us to stop using the name Scrolls, that they will sue us (and have already paid the fee to the Swedish court), and that they demand a pile of money up front before the legal process has even started. I assume this is all some more or less automated response to us applying for the trademark.

2 Mar, 2011

Scrolls announced


Notch announces Scrolls, Mojang’s second game, a digital collectible card game that is developed by Jakob Porser, not Notch:

I figure most people reading this blog cares mostly about Minecraft development, so let me just say that I won’t be involved in the day to day development of Scrolls. Jakob, one of the guys I started Mojang with, is developing it, and has been since we started the company.

Official Scrolls Beta Trailer

12 Jan, 2011

One million sales

Sales of Minecraft surpass one million. The server goes down shortly afterwards and Notch fixes the website while celebrating the milestone: got all weird.. Working on it now. The champagne isn’t helping. Where’s enter?

20 Dec, 2010


Minecraft officially enters beta with the 1.0 update. The price increases from €9.95 to €14.95 (about $14 to $20). The beta 1.0 update mostly consists of minor bug fixes but also includes a patch for an inventory duplication glitch that existed previously.

13 Sep, 2010

Daniel Kaplan hired

Kaplan is hired to take care of business and financial matters at Mojang. Notch reveals he is actually the third member of the company but he does not disclose the other employee’s name because they are working on a secret project. Kaplan has experience working with the independent game development studio Ludosity:

At Mojang I will work with different things. First I need to get to know you guys and your needs and what makes Minecraft special for you and how we can make Minecraft an even better game! So my first days at Mojang will be to look for alternative solutions for Paypal and I will eventually also take on the support so Notch can concentrate on what he does best: code and design Minecraft.

31 Aug, 2010

MinecraftCon 2010

Notch announces a Minecraft meet-up called MinecraftCon 2010 about a week before the event:

I have all day on August 31 free in Bellevue, and I’ve gotten several requests from people who want to meet me. I figured we could call it MinecraftCon 2010 even it’s just three people sitting around in uncomfortable silence for 20 minutes. 😀

Minecraft fans show up and ask him many questions about the development of the game:

27 Feb, 2010


Minecraft officially passes from the indev (in development) phase to the infdev (infinite development) phase. This phase is focused on getting infinitely large terrain to generate properly:

There’s a lot of bugs and a lot of missing features, but here, have some infinite maps. _please_ don’t report bugs in this yet, I am aware that it’s extremely buggy.

23 Feb, 2010

‘I will add infinite maps’


Notch decides to add infinitely large maps to Minecraft. He admits that technically maps are limited to 324 nonillion blocks large but says that any computer will run out of disk space before approaching that limit:

There’s going to be a LOT of work to be done after this initial release of infinite maps, and that release might be a pretty big step backwards in functionality in some aspects (water might not work at all in it, for example), but I think I can reach this first release pretty fast.

5 Feb, 2010

Dock fired


Dock is let go from his job as the official artist for Minecraft. Notch acknowledges his skill as a game designer but says he prefers to develop alone:

I went from doing Minecraft on my own to suddenly having to wait for someone else before I could move on. We had repeated problems getting anything animated to load into the game, and eventually I decided to just go ahead on my own.

29 Jan, 2010


Crafting is added to Minecraft in the indev 0.31 update. Users arrange items in a grid to create other items. Notch creates a video to help players understand what to do:

It’s not very intuitive yet, but it kinda actually works!

Crafting and Mining in Minecraft

23 Dec, 2009


Minecraft enters the indev (in development) phase with the 0.31 update. Paid users are able to test the latest survival updates, but Notch warns they may be buggy:

This is not official in any way, but I’ve gotten several requests that people who paid should be able to play the latest version, even if it’s horribly buggy and crashes all the time. And I agree. They should be able to do that, at their own risk.

1 Sep, 2009

Survival test

Black.pngfb59b762-4d58-4f40-98f3-34d2f2810b0bLargeSurvival test officially begins with the 0.24 update. It is only available to people who pre-pay for the game at €9.95 for a few weeks but then Notch decides to make it free. This version includes more interactive mobs, allows users to save and load survival maps, and adds Creeper enemies:

You have to pre-purchase the game to be able to participate in the test. This test is not an accurate demonstration of how the final survival mode will be. It does, however, contain many of the gameplay elements that will be included in Survival Mode. I’m making it available for you both to get some feedback while I’m in Indonesia for three weeks, and to thank you for pre-purchasing the game.

8 Jun, 2009


Notch releases the 0.0.16a update which adds multiplayer to the game. Users can log in to the Minecraft website and join a server to build with other users:

It’s probably riddled with bugs still.

14 May, 2009

Minecraft: Order of the Stone

Cave Game is renamed Minecraft: Order of the Stone at the suggestion of one of Notch’s friends on the Independent Games Wiki IRC:

The awesome but insane people in #tigirc helped me come up with a title for this game, and it’s Minecraft: Order of the Stone. Minecraft because it’s a good name. Order of the Stone because it sounds like Order of the Stick, one of the best things on the internet.

13 May, 2009

Cave Game

Notch releases a blog post with a link to a YouTube video showcasing an early test version of Cave Game. It features a world made of stone and grass cubes. In the description of the video, he describes it as an “Infiniminer clone” and says he is undecided about whether or not he will finish the project:

Cave game tech test

1 Jun, 1979

Markus Persson born in Stockholm


Markus “Notch” Persson is born in Stockholm, Sweden. His mother comes from Finland but he does not speak much Finnish growing up because his father is Swedish:

My father bought a Commodore 128 when I was seven years old, and we started subscribing to a computer magazine. It was a huge one, newspaper format, and it had program listings in it that you could enter into your computer to get a silly little game or fun effect and things like that. I started entering them, and noticed that they broke or did different things if you changed what you entered. I don’t remember exactly how fast this process was, but I know I made my first own program when I was eight years old.

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