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1 Feb, 2015

Angeleno cover

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Munn appears on the cover of February 2015 issue of Angeleno. She talks about her passion for becoming an actress during childhood and her favorite food.

I’m an over-orderer. I usually get a wonton soup, the red curry with chicken, a pad Thai, and egg rolls; and I also like pineapple fried rice and also barbecue ribs.

1 Nov, 2014

Self cover

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Munn appears on the cover of the November 2014 issue of Self magazine. She talks about The Newsroom, kindergarten, and how she stays in shape.

I remember being in kindergarten and him telling me it was stupid to think I could even be an actress. He said it in a very factual way. He was like, ‘You’d have to be beautiful, smart and talented. And you’re not.’ I just thought, If somebody else can do it, why can’t I?

1 May, 2014

Allure cover

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c436ri1ldjh4hj1Munn appears on the cover of the May 2014 issue of Allure magazine. She talks about strip clubs and her boyfriend Joel Kinnaman.

If there was ever going to be a girl who would want her man to bring home a RoboCop suit, it would be me. Joel is truly fantastic in it.

20 Aug, 2013

Olivia Munn interview


Elle Magazine interviews Munn about peoples opinions on whether or not she deserves her success.

I think there is a conversation that stems from the fact that I didn’t take a normal path to get here. I came out to LA and I didn’t know anybody. I grew up in a military family of five kids. We didn’t have a lot of money. My mom didn’t encourage me to go into theater or do any of those things. I’m first generation American. I came out to California, and I tried to do the best with the opportunities I was given. I don’t think the discussion is really about whether or not I’m pretty, or whether I can be considered smart and funny.

1 Feb, 2011

Maxim cover

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mx_sweet16_feb11_olivia_slide_0Munn appears on the cover of the February 2011 issue of Maxim magazine. This is her second cover of the magazine.

1 Jan, 2010

Maxim cover

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covergallery_0110_olivia_wilde_slideMunn appears on the cover of the January 2010 issue of Maxim magazine. She talks about whether she is dating someone and when she discovered she was a nerd.

I think it was eighth grade. I was in a military family, so by the time I was 13 I’d lived in six different places. I remember looking around that year and realizing that the one group that always takes you in is the geeks.