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3 Jul, 2015

66 passengers rescued

Transportation Disaster

Firefighters rescue 66 people from The Eye after it wheel stops working due to a computer malfunction. Passengers are stuck for three hours while park officials revert to a backup generator that slowly moves the ride’s gondolas to the platform, two at a time. Rescuers then climb in through hatches at the top of each gondola, using a special tool to open the doors and help the passengers escape. There are no injuries.

13 Apr, 2015

Will walk the Orlando Eye


Wallenda announces he will walk along the 400ft tall Orlando Eye, the largest observation wheel in the U.S. on April 29, as part of the attraction’s grand opening ceremony. Instead of crossing a wire, he will walk from one capsule to another along part of the rim of the wheel. He will not use a balancing pole and there will be no wire to catch him if he falls.

If I have any missteps, I can’t stop. [I want to] to show a little bit of diversity in the family.

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