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28 Oct, 2014

Details of plan to bring non-citizens to U.S.

Fox obtains State Department documents showing details of the plan to bring non-U.S. patients into the country. The channel doesn’t say what stage the plan is at or how likely it is to be implemented but says the document has been seen by Undersecretary Kennedy. Reporter:

They’re documents we started hearing about in the middle of last week…It’s basically been cleared at the highest level of the State Department…allowing non-U.S. citizens to come here – be brought here, because we pay for it – for treatment

The report says the cost is estimated to be at least $500,000 per patient including multiple nurses and other healthcare workers:

That’s actually a very low estimate

The document notes that Germany is the first nation to accept a non-citizen for treatment. It says patients are anticipated to be people from:

NGOs, major American corporations, allies, and other potential friends or partners in the region … All this is to show the U.S. is committed to fighting Ebola

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