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17 Sep, 2014

Son comments on Hall of Fame induction

Makes Statement

Bearer’s son (D.J.) comments on inducting his father into the WWE Hall of Fame and the process.

We were either in the hotel sleeping or we were at the arena or rehearsing or doing something. It was more walk-through than anything because with it being Wrestlemania 30, they want everything perfect so they’re going to go through it a million times and make sure everything’s right for tv. But what an emotional weekend….what an honor it was, what a weekend it was.


3 Oct, 2012

WWE Games interview


Bearer talks about managing The Undertaker and Kane in WWE:

They are such great performers, such great athletes. Such great men, gentlemen in general. I am truly humbled that I have been allowed to be associated with them for all these years,” Bearer said. “When me and Taker first started, his first WrestleMania was my first WrestleMania, so we’ve really been together all that time. I get asked, would you have thought then, that he’d be still going in 2012? Hell no, I wouldn’t then and I’m sure that he wouldn’t have either. In the early years, me and Taker were together so much, I mean all the time. We had a very special relationship and a very special bond.

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