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13 Oct, 2008

People cover

Magazine Cover

newmanNewman appears on the cover of People after dying of cancer. He was remembered for being a sex symbol, humanitarian, and being married to his wife for 50 years.

We held hands—at least 60 seconds passed. Later, as if it was an afterthought, Paul said to me, Sorry for the cold hand. Looking back, says Allen, I think that he was saying goodbye.

26 Sep, 2008

Paul Newman dies age 83


Newman dies from cancer age 83 at his home in Westport, Connecticut. Family statement:

His death was as private and discreet as the way he had lived his life.

30 Mar, 1987

Wins Oscar


Paul Newman wins the Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of Fast Eddie Felson who teaches his younger protegé (Tom Cruise) the art of pool hustling in Martin Scorcese’s The Color of Money (1986). Robert E. Wise accepts the award for Newman who is not present, with an interjection by Bette Davis:

Just a moment. I would like to congratulate Paul. I’m sure he’s listening; he is not here tonight. And this award, Paul, is long overdue. Robert Wise, a great friend of Mr. Newman’s, is accepting for him. And Mr. Wise is the winner of two Oscars himself: “The Sound of Music,” “West Side Story.” Yes. Now, now you get on. That’s right.

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