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11 Jul, 2014

Pawn Star loses 192 pounds


The third generation pawn-shop owner, Harrison, loses 192 pounds after lap-band surgery. The star weighed 400 pounds at his highest weight.

I literally drove straight from the doctor to the lap-band center and had the surgery almost immediately. Back then, the surgery was too expensive for my bank account, so I had to pay with four credit cards, but it was something I had to do. I was not going to get diabetes!

14 Mar, 2014

Stolen coin collection sold

A  criminal complaint is filed in Clark County Justice Court by David Walters, who says his coin collection was taken from a family member’s  home by his niece, Jennifer Beckman. Beckman sold the collection  to Gold and Silver Pawn for $9,550 on three separate visits to the store. Walter’s claims his collection is worth $50,000. A rep from the store says:

To the best of my knowledge, as the coins are unidentifiable, they may have been melted down. They may have been sold. They may be in buckets with like coins waiting to be evaluated. Either way, they weren’t worth the $50,000 Walters had estimated.

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