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12 Aug, 2015

Selling home

Home purchase/sale0 Comments

Malik and Edwards put their $6.56 million mansion up for sale after only two months of living together. Sources:

This was the house where Perrie expected to marry Zayn and act as his wife for the rest of their lives. It was their dream home. It’s understandable that Perrie feels confused and led on. He must have already been having doubts about the relationship…This was a very serious, major financial purchase. She thought Zayn was committing to their long-term future.

4 Aug, 2015

Malik, Edwards split

Breakup0 Comments

Malik calls off his engagement to Edwards. Edwards source:

Perrie is absolutely devastated. Zayn called off the engagement two weeks ago, she’s so upset…Perrie is being a trooper about it and putting on a brave face but she’s devastated. She’s doesn’t know what he’s thinking. She’s going to go out and promote the new single but obviously the timing could not be worse, especially when she’s going to be doing so many interviews.

Zayne source:

He just wanted to move on and start over in all ways.

21 Feb, 2014

Perrie Edwards interview

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Seacrest interviews Edwards during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and asks her if she has gotten to know Demi Lovato while on her Neon Lights Tour.

We haven’t actually spent that much time with Demi at the minute but it’s because whenever we are getting ready, we have to go on and then when she’s getting ready, she goes on so we kind of miss each other a bit. But, hopefully, we’ll get together and we’ll hang out and she can give us advice and stuff because she’s been in the industry awhile now and she’s amazing.