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24 May, 2017

Sutcliffe urges McGregor back to Crumlin for Mayweather prep

Makes Statement

Two-time Olympian boxer Phil Sutcliffe says he would welcome McGregor back to Crumlin Boxing Club to prepare for his proposed boxing bout with Mayweather. McGregor won novice boxing titles under Sutcliffe and the Crumlin Boxing Club banner as a teenager.

It makes money sense. In boxing sense, it doesn’t make any sense. But anything can happen in boxing. [Mayweather] is getting old and Conor is in his prime. As we all know, he’s punching very hard at the moment. I can’t see him winning it, but I’ll definitely be shouting for him. It’s two different sports and Mayweather is one of the craftiest boxers of all time…The thing is, [Conor] could always move around a ring. You can see that in his MMA fights the way he controls his opponent with the way that he moves. He was always handy. He was a very good boxer. You’ve got to remember, what got Conor to where he is now is his boxing ability. Most of his wins come from his boxing, that big backhand has put a lot of people down..In terms of boxing, it isn’t a 50/50 fight. But then again, anything can happen. Someone might slip, someone might fall or Mayweather might decide to hold the fight up in the clinch. All it takes is one punch to land and for someone to take advantage of the opportunity if it comes…I would be delighted to see him back here training. I really think it makes sense too. It would be great for Crumlin Boxing Club.

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