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6 Nov, 2016

Lays out McGregor’s Post-UFC 205 options

Makes Statement

In an interview with McMahon, Kavanagh outlines the different options open to McGregor after UFC 205.

To be honest, things change so rapidly, we are not too sure what the next step is going to be. Right now we are just going to focus on this contest. Let’s get this positive result. [However,] there are so many options for Conor right now. The [Floyd] Mayweather fight is still kind of hanging in there. [Conor] is the [145-pound] champion. In a couple of weeks he will be the [155-pound] champion. The Nate [Diaz] trilogy is there. Maybe going back to [145lbs]. So, a lot of things are up in the air. I’m sure Conor will have an interesting announcement to make after the fight. So, stay tuned.

On the possibility of Mayweather-McGregor fight:

There is only one way that Floyd would step in and that would be pure boxing. Absolutely, that’s the only way.

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